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"IQParts" was founded in 1897 as part of "Vogel & Noot" as a simple smithy to serve the rising market in agriculture in addition to the equipment with the wear parts.

Over the years, production has been consistently expanded and the "Premium Parts" brand has been continuously developed into one of the leading brands in Western and Eastern Europe.

In 2016, Vogel & Noot was split due to insolvency and the company "Premium Parts" was sold to a Belgian investor. The brand could not be held and "IQParts" was born as a new brand.

Since then, we have been successfully working to grow the company, developing, producing and implementing new products with experts that help the farmer to be more productive and successful in his job.

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Highest abrasion resistance with maximum elasticity - that was always the priority of our developments. We produce 4 quality categories in order to be able to meet the different soil conditions according to the customer.

The simplest level, usually the quality of the initial equipment, is ideal for soft and less aggressive floors. However, if the farmer manages aggressive, stony, ... ground, he tends to tend towards hardface and diamond

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